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Our Practice is results-oriented. We make sure that we spend enough time with you at our initial consultation in order to determine what results you expect to achieve and for us to explain the procedure, fees and costs, anticipated time frame, and probability of success in achieving the desired results.

BANKRUPTCY: This field of practice has been rewarding to us because it actually changes people’s lives for the better in a relatively short period of time. Debt is often debilitating. The filing of a Bankruptcy petition provides for automatic and immediate protection for you, your income, and your assets. There are many options and tools that can be used in Bankruptcy to solve Debt problems that have an extremely high probability of success. MORTGAGE MODIFICATION is a powerful tool that we have in the Bankruptcy proceedings. While mortgage modification results cannot be guaranteed, the results in the Bankruptcy Court are much more favorable than outside of the Court. SECOND MORTGAGE ELIMINATION is also a powerful tool available in the Bankruptcy Court. If the market value of your home is less than what the pay-off balance is on your first mortgage, we can obtain a court order eliminating the second mortgage from your home.

UNCONTESTED DIVORCE: The Divorce system is complicated. Our office simplifies that for you provided that you and your spouse are in agreement to discuss among yourselves the terms of the dissolution of your marriage. New York now provides for NO FAULT Divorce. This means that the marriage can be dissolved without fault being attributed to either party. The dissolution of a marriage if approached in this manner can be accomplished without the need for Court appearances and interviews. Also, you and your spouse can actually determine what Judgment the Judge will be signing regarding your children, custody, visitation, and child support and regarding your property, income, and debts.

Who We Are
We have been in business for 33 Years and have a proven track record of satisfied clients. A large percentage of our business is repeat business or referrals from prior clients. We understand the importance of a satisfied client in order for us to achieve an ongoing future business.

Julius Rivera Law can help you with:

  • Uncontested Divorce / No-fault Divorce
  • Bankruptcy
  • Mortgage Modification / Mortgage Elimination
  • Deed Transfer
  • Power of Attorney
  • Will
  • Name Change

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What We Do

Our New York law office specializes in Bankruptcy, Mortgage Loan Modification, Uncontested Divorce, Deed Transfer, NYS Statutory Power of Attorney, Will, Name Change.

Our Florida law office specializes in Bankruptcy, Wills, Power of Attorneys and Deed Transfers.

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